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Looking for a mortgage broker to secure a loan? We have loan experts ready to help. Our mortgage brokers are passionate about getting the best deals for you.

At iMortgage Broker Melbourne, we work very hard for you not the lenders. Getting a mortgage is a great way to secure a loan for a new investment or business. Once you have decided you need finance, the next step is to secure a mortgage.  But finding the best rates and options for your circumstances can be time consuming. A mortgage broker does all the leg work for you.

We are friendly, independent, professional mortgage specialists who are here to offer you genuine unbiased mortgage advice whatever your needs and circumstances. We can provide professional mortgage advice to investors, business owners and those looking to re-mortgage.

About Us

We connect customers looking to mortgage their existing property with local brokers who are the best in the industry.

The professionals at iMortgage Broker Melbourne are fully licensed and have extensive experienced in the mortgage industry. Every mortgage broker holds a credit license from ASIC or authorisation from a credit licensee.

Our focus is on getting the right result for you.  We pride ourselves on our ability to guide our clients seamlessly through the process of buying or re-mortgaging their homes. Our ability to access the whole market, to examine the small print and to find terrific deals makes life very easy for our clients.

Our mortgage brokers are trained to very high standards, and over the years have built up a huge body of knowledge of the market that is second to none.

What is A Mortgage Broker?

A mortgage broker is someone who acts as an intermediary (middle-man) between borrowers and lenders.  They guide their clients through the home loan process, sourcing, comparing and recommending mortgages from the wide choice of lenders and banks.

Brokers do not lend money nor do they play any part in mortgage approval decisions.  A mortgage consultant simply works on your behalf to find the lowest rates and the best deals.

Our Benefits

Saving you money

Our mortgage experts can save you money by comparing a list of the most suitable lenders to ensure you get the best deal. Independent mortgage brokers work exclusively for you, not the banks.

Peace of mind

With our mortgage specialist on your side there are fewer complications and reduced levels of stress and frustration.

Knowledge and expertise:

Mortgage specialists have extensive experience dealing with the home loan market and different lenders.  A good intermediary will be able to find the right solution for your unique situation.  Sure you can try and compare mortgage products and do it all yourself, but it can be very complicated and time consuming.

If you secure a mortgage without qualified advice, you run the risk of acquiring a loan that’s not suited to your financial situation.  This may even cost you more money in the long term.

To receive more options:

The trouble with going to a typical high street lender is they can only offer you a home loan from their limited range.  This means you could possibly miss out on a fantastic deal that a broker might be able to find by having access to hundreds of loans.

Our Process

As soon as you get in touch with us at iMortgage Broker Melbourne, we will take some initial details over the phone to see how we can help you.  Then we’ll invite you in for a free mortgage consultation to find out as much as possible about your financial circumstances and what you are looking for.  This allows us to see how we can best support you.  Rest assured that all the personal information you entrust us with will remain private and confidential.

Based on your circumstances, we will search mortgage rates and options from a wide selection of lenders.  We’ll make comparisons of the features and benefits of each one and together we’ll find the home loan that best suits you.  We will assess how much you can borrow, your repayment amounts and any additional savings we can arrange.  And of course, we will be able to answer any burning questions you may have about mortgages and the home buying process.

Once you are happy to proceed, we will complete all the paperwork for you to ensure that everything runs like clockwork.  Then we will submit your application.  During the application process we’ll provide you with regular updates on how things are progressing so you are never left in the dark.  We can also do any chasing up on your behalf because lenders’ turnaround times vary.

When a mortgage offer is produced we can check the document for you, paying particular attention to the small print in the Terms and Conditions as well answering any further questions you may have.

Our Advantage

  • We have extensive knowledge and experience of the home loan market
  • We move quickly to help you secure the property you want
  • We can offer you a wide choice of loans and lenders
  • We will always look for the best deal for you

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